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Evolutionary hubs are social and spiritual collaborative bodies based on evolving ourselves and co-creating humanity’s great shift to the age of conscious evolution and emergent global culture of peace. 

They are a place where, through presence, we experience the “impulse of evolution” flowing through us, follow our "compass of joy", collaborate and co-create with others based on "vocational arousal" and mutual interests, identify what is working and emergent, and help evolve the Wheel of Co-creation, represented by "leadership hubs" and twelve "sector hubs", forming an innovative, evolutionary community, and a free, peaceful, healthy, just, collaborative, and regenerative world where we all thrive in harmony.  

The following summary of hub guidelines and activities may be helpful: 

- Convening the Hub

  · Convening in Circle

- Hub Resonance

   · Be Clear About Your Intention and Purpose
   · Resonating in Your Hub
   · Creating Heart Coherence in Your Hub
   · Governance
   · Communication Protocols
   · Shifting from Ego to Essence

- Hub Support

Convening the Hub

The general purpose of the "Birth 2012 and Beyond"/Conscious Evolution movement is to create a positive shift in the world through co-creativity, collaboration, heart resonance, and love. 

A hub could be a "leadership hub" or "sector hub" with the purpose of gathering to evolve ourselves and our world. 

A leadership hub can decide to become a “frequency holder” for the Great Shift, represented by the “Core of the Wheel of Co-creation”, as well as help facilitate and oversee the sector hubs. 

A sector hub can decide to focus on one of the twelve sectors of the “Wheel of Co-creation”, namely Infrastructure/Design, Justice, Media, Relations, Science, Spirituality, Arts, Economics, Education, Environment, Governance, and Health.

We encourage convening a hub with a minimum of four and ideally no more than twelve people. Four members is optimal for launching a leadership hub. We encourage you to invite people who will bring the qualities of co-creativity, collaboration, and heart resonance to your group.

We encourage convening regularly (at least once or twice each month) via the leadership of a hub facilitator, who takes responsibility for the hub at any point. Hub members may elect a facilitator, or may rotate facilitators. 

Hubs can be face-to-face or “virtual”. They can be diverse. And they can be fun and enjoyable!

Because we are working on co-creating a global shift, we encourage reaching out to people beyond one's personal community.

· Convening in Circle

  The circle, or council, is an ancient form of meeting that has gathered human beings into respectful conversation
  for thousands of years. It has served as the foundation for many cultures.

  When gathering in Circle, we often gather as a microcosm of all of humanity - with all its issues and personalities,
  background, and economic differences. 

  The intention of convening in Circle is to respect and transcend these differences and share and listen in
  conscious dialogue - spirit to spirit, heart to heart.

  There are many ways to come together in Circle. The following link addresses some of these ways: 
  Convening in Circle

Hub Resonance

"​Resonance is a state of inner connection with the essential self, which opens to spirit and flows through the heart to create an interconnection with others. ​In practice, resonance is a vibrational energy in which our preconceptions are set aside so that truth is heard and spoken with love and compassion. ​It is the foundation for peace, co-creation, and conscious evolution." - ​Copyright 2012 Virtual Co-Creative Community

· Be Clear About Your Intention and Purpose

  Co-create the purpose, vision, mission and goals of your hub.

  The general purpose of the "Birth 2012 and Beyond"/Conscious Evolution movement is to create a positive shift in
  the world through heart resonance, collaboration, and co-creativity.

· Resonating in Your Hub

  The symbolic image of the “Hub of the Wheel of Co-creation” refers to a sacred space in which we can resonate
  with the higher frequencies of the universe, and become “frequency holders” for the Great Shift. 

  Oftentimes, as we allow for the higher frequencies of the universe to move through us, we may experience
  vocational arousal and feel drawn or compelled to express our gifts in one or more sectors of the Wheel of Co-

  When we create a hub with others and learn to resonate as a group, we amplify the frequency of the resonance of 
  each member. 

  In her book Birth 2012 and Beyond, Barbara Marx Hubbard explains hub resonance in the following way: The hub 
  stands for a sanctified place in consciousness for shared revelation of the meta-patterns of creation. Here we
  resonate by resounding back to each other the evolutionary impulse we each feel within. As we meet in groups,
  virtually or physically, we tune into the deeper pattern not only within us but within the emerging process of the
  whole. The hub can be cultivated to become a field of collective consciousness generated by those resonating
  within it. The hub is also a place where our “inner synergy” or coherence with the Source joins with the “outer
  synergy” of our work in the world. The inner shift and the outer shift become one in the Hub of the Wheel. 

  To learn more about how to resonate in your hub, either face-to-face or virtually, please see pages 63 – 73 in Birth
  2012 and Beyond. You will also learn there how to create an Evolutionary Circle, which is a specialty group within
  a hub that is devoted to the work of becoming frequency holders as well as being out in the world co-creating a
  sustainable planetary culture.

  Also see the following link: Being in Resonance

· Creating Heart Coherence in Your Hub

  When we meet with our fellows and learn to connect with our essential selves in their presence, we not only
  elevate the frequency of the resonance of each member, but we also contribute to the global resonant field of the
  "Birth 2012 and Beyond"/Conscious Evolution movement worldwide. 

  (With skilled facilitation, achieving hub resonance is also possible in a virtual (online) hub.)

  We encourage you to begin all of your hub meetings and events with a heart coherence exercise or meditation (5-
  15 minutes). See the following emergence process meditation

  Reading your hub purpose, vision, and mission could also help serve the purpose of creating group resonance.

  A way to allow for resonant, sacred, and respectful space when sharing with and listening to one another is to pass
  a talking stick to whomever is moved to share, have a facilitator chime a bell when the speaker is complete, wait
  30 seconds, and chime the bell again to signify when another is able to speak using the talking stick.  

  The intention is to come into resonance with one another. As we do, we come into resonance with all others who
  are also contributing to positive global transformation. 

  In order to amplify and sustain group resonance, hubs could practice the heart coherence technique created by
  the prominent research organization known as HeartMath

  HeartMath’s scientifically researched Heart Lock-In® Technique helps build and sustain coherence.

The HeartMath Technique of Heart Coherence: 

1. Shift your attention to the area of your heart, and breathe slowly and deeply. 
2. Activate and sustain a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone or something in your life. 
3. Send these feelings of care toward yourself and others. This benefits them and especially helps recharge and balance your own energy system. Feel yourself connecting, heart to heart, with others in the room and in the web of conscious co-creation. Send love from your heart, out to the web, and then out to the planet. 

To learn more about HeartMath techniques or courses in coherence-building, or to download the free State of Ease article and Inner-Ease™ technique created by HeartMath founder Doc Childre for these times of the planetary shift, visit:

To join with others in synchronized Heart Lock-Ins for the planet, visit:

· Governance


  Sociocracy is a dynamic system of self-governance, using consent-based decision making among equal

  The word sociocracy is derived form the Latin and Greek words socios (companion) and kratein (to govern).
  Sociocracy means the rule by the “socios”, people who have a social relationship with one another, (as opposed to
  democracy: rule by the “demos”, the general mass of people).

  It is a form of governance or management that presumes equality of individuals and is based on consent. This
  equality is not expressed with “one person, one vote” law of democracy, but rather by a group of individuals (the
  circle) reasoning together until a decision is reached that is satisfactory to each one of them.

  Decisions are made when there are no remaining “paramount objections”, that is, when there is informed consent
  from all participants. Objections must be reasoned and argued and based on the ability of the objector to work
  productively toward the goals of the organization.


  We The People, Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, A Guide to Sociocratic Principles and Methods, How to Apply
  the Principles of Self-Governance to Our Workplaces, Governments, and Organizations, by John Buck and
  Sharon Villines 

  Quaker-Based model:

  Quaker-based consensus is effective because it puts in place a simple, time-tested structure that moves a group
  towards unity. The Quaker model has been employed in a variety of secular settings. The process allows for
  individual voices to be heard while providing a mechanism for dealing with disagreements.

  The following aspects of the Quaker model can be effectively applied in any consensus decision-making process,
  and is an adaptation prepared by Earlham College:

  -  Multiple concerns and information are shared until the sense of the group is clear.
  -  Discussion involves active listening and sharing information.
  -  Norms limit number of times one asks to speak to ensure that each speaker is fully heard.
  -  Ideas and solutions belong to the group; no names are recorded.
  -  Differences are resolved by discussion. The facilitator ("clerk" or "convenor" in the Quaker model) identifies
     areas of agreement and names disagreements to push discussion deeper.
  -  The facilitator articulates the sense of the discussion, asks if there are other concerns, and proposes a "minute" 
     of the decision.
  -  The group as a whole is responsible for the decision and the decision belongs to the group.
  -  The facilitator can discern if one who is not uniting with the decision is acting without concern for the group or in
     selfish interest.
  -  Dissenters' perspectives are embraced.

  Key components of Quaker-based consensus include a belief in a common humanity and the ability to decide
  together. The goal is "unity, not unanimity." Ensuring that group members speak only once until others are heard
  encourages a diversity of thought. The facilitator is understood as serving the group rather than acting as person-
  in-charge. In the Quaker model, as with other consensus decision-making processes, by articulating the emerging
  consensus, members can be clear on the decision, and, as their views have been taken into account, will be likely
  to support it.

  Source: (scroll down to "Quaker-Based model".)

  "In our decision-making process we seek God’s (Spirit/Divine) guidance for us as a community rather than making
  decisions by voting."

  Other resources:
  Co-Creator's Handbook - The Core Group Process

· Communication Protocols

  Ideally, the co-creative process is among equals who come together in heart resonance, mutual respect, and trust;
  treat one another with respect and loving compassion; share and consider one another’s ideas and suggestions;
  make decisions together based on consensus; and honor agreements

  If there is disagreement, this can be an opportunity for open-hearted deeper inquiry on what is possible that could
  create a win-win for all.

  When issues arise or there is discord or conflict within the hub, communication protocols can be especially helpful.

  The following are widely accepted communication and conflict-resolution tools and practices to help foster mutual
  understanding and harmonious relations:

  - NVC (“non-violent communication”, based on using “I” language). 
  Go to the following link for this four step process:

  - Active/deep listening (based on mirroring/repeating back what one hears from another). In addition to the above,
    it can be very helpful to add this step.

  - Framing all as perceptions/interpretations (“I feel/experience/believe/suggest…”, “It seems to me that, in my
    opinion, I wonder that...", etc.) 


· Shifting from Ego to Essence

  The path of shifting from ego to essence is vital to the co-creative process.

  The ego is the part of ourselves that needs and/or wants security and control. It can be grasping, demanding, and
  self-serving, which is not conducive to co-creating with others nor serving the whole.

  Our essential selves is the all-knowing aspect of ourselves that is able to heal, illuminate, and guide our whole
  being. It is the energy of unconditional love, infinite wisdom, innate wholeness, and unlimited creativity. 

  Our task is to have compassion for the eqoic part of our being, and connect to our true essential selves.

  The meditation at the following link can be helpful in bringing all in a group into the field of our essential selves and
  into heart resonance, especially at the beginning of each hub gathering. Emergence Process Meditation

  "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." - Rumi

  Other resources include:
  Emergence, The Shift from Ego to Essence, by Barbara Marx Hubbard
  The Emergence Process Training    

Hub Support

A successful hub supports one another in giving one’s gift to the Shift. As we resonate in our hubs, it is only natural that our unique creativity emerges. One result is that we become energized to seek, or more deeply realize, our true life purpose or vocation of destiny. 

Barbara Marx Hubbard explains this sacred process in Birth 2012 and Beyond: As we increasingly merge with our Essential Selves, this can lead to the marvelous excitement of “vocational arousal.” We can also become vocationally aroused within the Field of coherence and love that gets created in Shift Circles and through other Hub activities. 

Deep down, we all yearn to discover not only our real life callings but also our true partners in our lifework. The Hubs of the Wheel of Co-creation can provide processes, practices, and support that can help us discover and nurture such vocations of destiny, and help us to find partners with whom to co-create. Local or virtual hubs can be the place to become “vocationally aroused” with the support of the other members of your group. 

Questions to ask ourselves:

- What am I birthing into the world right now? 
- What do I want to contribute as my gift to the Shift?

In order to have a more effective hub, it is optimal if at least one hub member were to read Birth 2012 and Beyond and/or take one of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s courses through the Shift Network. Learn more about these courses in the “Get Trained” section of

Other resources are as follows:
​Co-Creator's Handbook - The Core Group Process
Hub formation introduction

- The Conscious Evolution Boston Hub