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 "We are learning Conscious Evolution to serve as catalysts for the planetary birth of 
universal humanity in our lifetimes." - BMH

Dear Friend:  

Welcome to the Birth 2012 Boston Hub!

If you, like us, feel the call to assist with the Birthing of a New Age for humankind, we invite you to join us in co-creating a CELEBRATION for December 22, 2012 to welcome this Historic Event. 

The Maya Elders have been sending us the message of the Planetary Shift for over 5,000 years! Our lives are now moving at warp speed to help us birth a new era of a Universal Humanity, in which we experience the awakening of Spirit within ourselves, incarnate the sacred essence of unconditional love, grow in consciousness, and co-create a peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Many of us are resonating with the call to evolve ourselves and our world in which we, as embryonic universal humans, connect to higher consciousness, hear our inner guidance, heal our egos, express the genius and potentials we all have within us, share resources and collaborate with others on community and global projects, and joyfully communicate clearly and lovingly from our Hearts. 

In addition to celebrating Birth 2012, we offer Conscious Evolution Circles and other opportunities and resources to bring collaborative community together to co-create the transforming new world age.

We are compelled to ask:
What are our deepest heart’s desires?
What is now arising within to be born anew?
What is our gift, our “compass of joy”, to offer to this new paradigm? 
What does a world informed by our Highest Selves for the highest good of all look like? 
How can we co-create such a world?

If you resonate with this calling, we invite you to join us as we collaborate on ideas and projects to co-create a world we have previously only dreamed of!

Below is our invitation to plan and celebrate Birth 2012!

In resonance,
Birth 2012 Boston Hub

Artist, Daniel B. Holeman,
An Invitation to Plan and Celebrate Birth 2012

December 22, 2012 is our first Planetary Birth Day! It is a day that leaders around the world are declaring as "Day One" of a new era for human evolution. It is a time to give birth to our shared vision of hope for humanity, helping to make the highly anticipated year of 2012 a breakthrough time of positive change and transformation!


Leading up to December 22, 2012 and beyond, we are invited to:

  • share our inborn genius, visions, passions, joys, and gifts to the Shift in human possibility;

  • tap the collective genius in our local communities, actively match our innovative ideas with resources, lay the foundation for powerful collaborations and brilliant problem-solving, and, in evolving groups in each field, consciously co-create a world that is healthy, sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous for all;

  • Plan Birth 2012 celebratory gatherings and events on December 22, 2012, including your own!

On December 22, 2012, our planetary birth day, we are invited to come together, link with the hearts and minds of pioneering souls, join our unique genius, give birth to an awakened, heart-centered, universal humanity, and celebrate the dawning of a new era.

A Global Call

As a vital part of this co-creative experience, we are extending a global call for visionaries, healers, change agents, artists, pioneers, and lovers of humanity (like you!) to help celebrate this unprecedented event. …in which we connect to "Essence" and one another, heart to heart, essence to essence, and co-create a field of love and resonance based on sharing our gifts to the Shift and our dreams and visions for ourselves, our life paths, our communities, humanity, the world at large, "Birth 2012" and beyond. 

The Planetary "Birth 2012" Day on December 22, 2012 is a day in which we're envisioning 100 million converging worldwide to celebrate and activate the birth of a new era.

This historic campaign has already attracted top leaders, several organizations, and the buzz of thousands of participants who want to help shift global consciousness toward a more sustainable, compassionate, and peaceful world.

Imagine 100 million of us gathering on Day One in a shared commitment to birth a beautiful new human experience – with global celebrations, broadcasts, and synchronized events. Imagine the power and energy unleashed when millions of us come together--on the same day and at the same time--to make a commitment to co-create a new world and declare globally a planetary celebration of the birth of our new collaborative human story!

Together, we can help accelerate the shift to a new world, one based on the principles of health, sustainability, peace, and prosperity for all.

Ways to be involved

1. Celebrate “Birth 2012” with us at Cambridge College, 1000 Mass. Ave., Room 152, Cambridge, MA from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, 12-22-12! Enjoy presenters, performers, exhibitors, music, dance, singing, healers, sound healing, drumming, supervised kids activities, artisans, food vendors, and more!  Admission is by donation. E-mail us at for ticket reservations. Please indicate your name, e-mail, number of tickets, and donation amount. To make a donation, go to: Donations page. (As soon as we receive your e-mail and paypal donation, we will e-mail your ticket.)

2. Celebrate “Birth 2012” with us at the Arlington Town Hall, 730 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, MA 02476 from 7 to 10 pm on Saturday, 12-22-12! Enjoy music, dance, singing, sound healing, drumming, yogis, peace meditations, demos, exhibitors, healers, refreshments, and more! Tickets are $10 to $20 sliding scale (more if you can, less if you can’t). (Note: Even though there will not be specific children's activities, supervised children are welcome.) E-mail us at for ticket reservations. Please indicate your name, e-mail, number of tickets, and chosen contribution. To purchase a ticket, go to: Donations page. (As soon as we receive your e-mail and paypal contribution, we will e-mail your ticket.)

3. Participate in various events for all ages on 12-22-12, hosted by various organizations throughout Greater Boston (community centers, colleges, churches, etc.). 

4. Co-create and host your own events to accelerate energies of peace, build up to 12.22.12, and celebrate Birth 2012 on 12-22-12! Explore this web site as well as the national site Birth2012 for educational insights into planning your own event.

5. Go inward throughout the day of 12-22-12 - meditate and reflect on your inner joy, life purpose, the meaning of “Day One”, and your gifts to the planetary shift in consciousness. 

6. Participate in, create and/or host fundraising events to help make Birth 2012 Boston happen! Go to Calendar for details on existing fundraising events.

7. Check out our Indigogo fundraising video and donate!

8. Join our Conscious Evolution Circles and grow with us as we develop the Conscious Evolution Boston Hub. In 2013, we will collaboratively manifest “new” systemics for a new paradigm by identifying what is working in our world and manifesting the new within the twelve sectors of the "Co-creative Wheel". All will be invited to share with one another our inborn genius, visions, passions, joys, and ideas to evolve our human potential and help transform our world. Register your interest now on our contact page.

9. Communicate globally on-line with other pioneering souls by joining the Shift Movement web site. Once you become a member, join our Birth 2012 Boston Group.

10. Spread the word! Invite friends and family. Like us on facebook

11. Volunteer at the Birth 2012 Boston 12-22-12 events! Sign up at


We have within us the ability to shift humanity onto a higher path by reaching critical mass. The Birth 2012 campaign can help make that shift a reality. 

We invite you to join with us for this unprecedented historic planetary birth day - and spread the word everywhere you can!! 

Now is the time for an upgrade to our planetary operating system! May we actualize this truly profound path to transform our consciousness, humanity, and the world - for the greatest and highest good!


10 am - 4 pm
Cambridge College
1000 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA

7 - 10 pm
Arlington Town Hall
730 Mass Ave.
Arlington, MA

a Global Culture of Peace
Sat 12-22-12
Featured performers, presenters and exhibitors
True Story Theater
Annawon Weeden
tribal elder
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Herb Pearce and Relationships
Larry Mynatt and
Meditation Neurofeedback
Sandra Daitch - Laughter Yoga
Drum circles
John Root of Common Good Finance
De Luna
Rick Charnes
Gandiva Lorcan - Sound Healing
Linda Marks
Sloat Shaw, Artist
Satyena Ananda
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