Conscious Evolution Boston
(617) 244-1966
- Embodying and Serving a Transcendent Purpose
- Co-Creating in Heart Resonance with Others
a Free, Peaceful, Healthy, Just, Collaborative, Regenerative World where we All Thrive in Harmony.
A Home of: Birth 2012 Boston

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About The Conscious Evolution Boston Hub
  Conscious Evolution Boston Hub Members 
Margaret S. Arndt
Newton, MA 02466
(617) 244-1966

Margaret is a certified Agent of Conscious Evolution (ACE) and Guide through trainings with Barbara Marx Hubbard (former President and Co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution), has been on a spiritual and evolutionary path for several years (with a background in mediumship and shamanic practice), is a member and steward of "Conscious Evolution Boston", a member of The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible and Credit To The People evolutionary hubs, hosts and facilitates "Conscious Evolution Circles" and intentional community gatheringsand is a holistic financial consultant* and life planner

Margaret believes Conscious Evolution Community Hubs, Circles, and Gatherings are a powerful and effective way to evolve ourselves and our world and co-create a new paradigm, and envisions Conscious Evolution Communities and Centers worldwide. 

Margaret's "compass of joy" and purpose is to:

- Bring intentional community together to share our passions and gifts, evolve 
  ourselves, and co-create a peaceful, healthy, sustainable, and prosperous world!
- Empower all to manifest their goals, dreams, and visions, experience prosperity and 
  abundance, and contribute toward peaceful, healthy, sustainable, and thriving     
  communities and planet for the highest and greatest good.
- Co-create the world we know in our hearts is possible; a peaceful, healthy, sustainable, and thriving world.

*Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Conscious Evolution Boston, Sage Consulting, and Cambridge are not affiliated. Branch Office: 99 Crescent Street, Newton, MA 02466. (617) 244-1966

John G Root Jr
​(413) 329-3200

​President of Just Abundance and Senior Policy Analyst for Common Good Finance. Member of The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible and Credit To The People evolutionary hubs. Author of "Understanding Money and Banking By, Of and For the People". Currently working on a book tentatively titled: Money, the primary tool of the Sovereign Power, How Community Created Credit and Sociocracy will give a Just Abundance.

David Snieckus
Newton, MA 02466
(617) 964-2951

David Snieckus is a graduate of the world renowned Kushi Institute and has been practicing macrobiotics since 1977. Since 1981, he has been a Macrobiotic Counselor, Coach and Chef, helping individuals change their way of life for the better. He co-hosts intentional community gatherings and retreats at the following meet-up: passion is to share his knowledge and experience and invoke self-awareness in others so that they may experience optimum health and well-being. His vision is “every kitchen a wellness center” and one peaceful world.

Since 2003, David has researched money, banking, and foreclosures as a hobby. In 2009, he facilitated the formation of the "Massachusetts Public Banking Advocates", which has evolved to Credit To The Peopleand in 2010, he co-founded the "Massachusetts Foreclosure Defense League". His vision is an honest, transparent, and sustainable monetary system. 

David is also a member of The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible 
evolutionary hub.


An evolutionary leadership hub of Agents of Conscious Evolution in the Greater Boston area, we are dedicated to what is working and emergent, and to manifesting a healed and transformed world for the highest and greatest good. 

We offer and promote educational and experiential venues, events, and Conscious Evolutionary Circles to convene community, evolve ourselves, and help co-create a new world paradigm.

We work with the Wheel of Co-creation conceived by BMH, which envisions a new paradigm for a Universal Humanity based on identifying what is working and emergent in the world and through evolutionary hubs

We model principles from BMH’s teachings and book, “Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence,” including initiating and incarnating sacred resonance, and co-creating in resonant fields of conscious and evolutionary communities.

Our process is to access the higher frequencies of our being and align with the evolutionary impulse to co-create, inspiring others to do the same – so that together we may evolve our inner consciousness, practice whole systems thinking, and transform our collective global reality to an awakened, heart-centered, universal humanity, a global culture of peace, and a peaceful, healthy, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Artist, Daniel B Holeman
We are deeply grateful to Arvetta Souza, eliSabeth Taylor, and Reverend Betty Walker, who, along with Margaret Arndt, were members and co-leaders of the Birth 2012 Boston hub. 

We are also deeply grateful for the eleven person planning team who co-created the Birth 2012 Boston 
celebratory events on 12-22-12, namely Margaret Arndt, Dianne Chalifour, Linda DeHart, Kaeza Fearn, Gandiva Lorcan, Tonia Pinheiro, Erika Keller Rogoff, David Snieckus, Arvetta Souza, eliSabeth Taylor, and Rev. Betty Walker!

As guided by evolutionary, creative impulse and spiritual inspiration, and through the sharing of our gifts and talents, we co-created two very special and inspiring celebratory Birth 2012 Boston events.