Conscious Evolution Boston
(617) 244-1966
- Embodying and Serving a Transcendent Purpose
- Co-Creating in Heart Resonance with Others
a Free, Peaceful, Healthy, Just, Collaborative, Regenerative World where we All Thrive in Harmony.
A Home of: Birth 2012 Boston

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-  Co-create a conscious and heart-based paradigm; the emergent 
   Global Culture of Peace.

-  Foster elements for transmuting and transcending individual egoic patterns, enabling
   expansion to collaborative, visionary, and sustainable social action.

-  Instill the revelation that “everything is connected to everything else." ~ Thomas Berry

-  Revel in the realization that we, as sentient beings of light, are free and fully capable at this
   very moment in time to co-create a universal reality of Truth, Love, Mindfulness, Gratitude, and
   Compassion, inspired by the evolutionary impulse and fields of Love. 

“We are gathered here together as a deep communion of pioneering souls from every race, nation and religion who experience within ourselves the emergence of a Universal Human, a co-creator of new worlds.” ~ BMH

“We are called to be architects of the future..." ~ R. Buckminster Fuller


-  A transformed and conscious humanity inspired by the "emergent global culture of peace"
    (See Cultivating Peace, Becoming a 21st Century Peace Ambassador, by James O’Dea.)

-  A world in which one’s essence is a beacon of inspiration and empowerment

-  Conscious pioneering communities

-  Free, peaceful, healthy, just, collaborative, sustainable/regenerative communities and world 
   where we all thrive in harmony.


Co-Create the new paradigm by:

1. Activating the Wheel of Co-creation:

    -  Map, track, and connect what is working, evolutionary, and emergent in the hub and twelve
       sectors. See the Peace Room page.

    -  Facilitate the development of evolutionary hubs.

        -  Facilitate and host Conscious Evolution Circles to evolve our consciousness and foster a resonant
            field of individual and collective peace and mindfulness.

         -  Foster building on new and innovative ways that are working in the world, dreaming
            possibilities, and allowing for and developing what is emergent.

         -  Foster innovative, healthy, and sustainable systems among individuals, organizations, businesses,
            and communities. 

         -  ​Initiate outreach for evolutionary social action, using Whole Systems Design.

     -  Co-create, facilitate, and host collaborative gatherings, events, and celebrations
        (educational and experiential) that showcase golden innovations; what is working,
        evolutionary, and emergent.

2. Promoting and fostering paths of:
    -  personal and community transformation, integration, and conscious evolution; 
    -  regenerative ecological living; and 
    -  co-creating the world we know in our hearts is possible, a free, peaceful, healthy, just,
       collaborative, sustainable/regenerative world where we all thrive in harmony.

3. Fostering individual and collective presencing, awareness beyond thinking, allowing for an
    evolutionary impulse, a universal consciousness, to inspire us into "awakened doing". 
     (See A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle.

"Small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order."
- Noble Laureate, Ilya Prigogine
Artist, Daniel B Holeman