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- Embodying and Serving a Transcendent Purpose
- Co-Creating in Heart Resonance with Others
a Free, Peaceful, Healthy, Just, Collaborative, Regenerative World where we All Thrive in Harmony.
A Home of: Birth 2012 Boston

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10 am - 4 pm 
Cambridge College
1000 Mass Ave Rm 152   Cambridge, MA

Including supervised kids activities, food vendors, & more.

Admission by sliding scale donation

Our expert Birth 2012 Boston Children's Team has created an imaginative, light-hearted, entertaining and experiential program for your children! Activities include stories, family yoga, a Peace Train, Hands of Peace, Dream Board, Wheel of Co-Creation, and crafts such as candle decorating and hand knitting. We care deeply about the future our children will co-create. Please note: Children must be supervised at all times by their adult companions.

presenters             Birth 2012 Boston: Sat 12-22-12         peace meditations
artisans - performers - exhibitors - music - dance - drumming - sound healing

Presenters: Cambridge College   10 am - 4 pm
Upstairs Performance Hall

7:50 True Story Theater
Tonia Pinheiro and friends

8:40 Celtic Music
Chroi Anam Guth

9:00 Wampanoag Tribal Customs
Annawon Weeden

9:20 EMF Balancing Technique
Helena Froehlich

10:00 Wings of the Heart
Linda DeHart

Sound Healing
Gandiva Lorcan
Margaret Arndt

10:30 Birth 2012 and Beyond:
An Overview and Wheel of Co-Creation
Margaret Arndt

11:00 Laughter Yoga
Sandra Daitch

11:30 Enneagram
Herb Pearce

12:00 Wings of the Heart
Linda DeHart

12:30 Heart Mind Integration Healing – eliSabeth Taylor and Nancy Pagan
7 - 10 pm 
Arlington Town Hall
730 Mass Ave   Arlington, MA 

Including yogis, peace prayers, more

Tickets: $10 to $20 sliding scale.

Although there will not be children's activities,
supervised children are welcome.

Our Birth 2012 Boston team has co-created an evening journey that will bring us into the heart of the transformational shift of consciousness.

For reservations and tickets
Please indicate name, email, venue (Cambridge College or Arlington Town Hall), number of tickets, contribution amount
AND go to Donations page.
Upon receipt of your e-mail and PayPal contribution, we will e-mail your ticket

1:00 Storytelling for All Ages
Connie Hill

1:30 Making the World a Better Place for Kids
Linda Marks

2:00 Creation Dance
Helena Froehlich and company

EMF Balancing Technique & Lattice Flow
Helena Froehlich

2:30 Just Abundance
John Root

3:00 Living from the Inside Out
Merrilyn Hener and Sudarshan Sundar
from Inner Space

3:30 Sacred Circle Dance
Kaeza Fearn with Chroi Anam Guth

​​Gandiva Lorcan will weave sound healing during intervals between all presentations. 

Exhibitors and Vendors: Cambridge College
Birth 2012 Boston Hub
Children's Display Table
John Root Jr - Common Good Finance
Elizabeth Foley / Victoria Anne - Divine Healing / Angel Readings
Small Planet Institute
Erika Keller Rogoff - Coach, Healing body creams and soaps
Debbie Carvlin - Psychic
Mina Gibb - Jewelry
Jane Simon - Pottery
H. Constance Hill - Books for all ages
Heart Mind Integration Healing Practitioners
Herb Pearce - Enneagram  
Joanne Daley - Massage Therapist
Julie Soderblom - JuicePLUS
Sloat Shaw – Evolutionary artist
Inner Space - Meditation

Media Theater: Cambridge College
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Where the Hell Is Matt?
Flags of One Family
The Premise and the Promise
Indigo Window
Gratitude HD: Moving Art
           Wheel of Co-Creation           
           Relations, Arts, Economics,
            Science, Education, Justice,
        Health, Spirituality, Infrastructure,
        Environment, Media, Governance

Performers: Arlington Town Hall    7 - 10 pm

Main Stage

7:00 Flags of One Family
Linda DeHart and Colors In Motion 

7:07 Simple Song, Bernstein's Mass  
eliSabeth Taylor 

7:10 Introduction
eliSabeth Taylor & Tonia Pinheiro
7:17 Invocation
Satyena Ananda and Gandiva Lorcan

7:30 Drumming
Keepers of the Rhythm and community

7:40 Birth 2012 and Beyond: An Overview
Margaret Arndt

7:50 Sound Healing
Gandiva Lorcan

7:55 O Holy Night (adapted for Birth 2012)
Barbara Brewer

8:00 Kirtan and Chanting
Tom Lena, Shakti Rowan and Kaeza Fearn

8:30 Wampanoag Tribal Customs
Annawon Weeden

8:50 Creation Dance
Helena Froehlich and Company

9:00 Sacred Circle Dancing
Kaeza Fearn

9:10 SoundBrain HeartMath
Larry Mynatt and Paul Soper

9:30 Closing Words

9:35 Boston Becomes a Beacon of Light
Rita Cleary

9:40 Meditation
Brahma Kumaris

10:00 World Peace Flame
Exhibitors and Vendors: Arlington Town Hall
Common Good Finance
Elizabeth Foley / Victoria Anne - Divine Healing / Angel Readings
Dr. Trish Whynot
Full Spectrum Healing
Gandiva Lorcan - Sound Healing
Angela Schena - Transformational Healing
ZuZu's Healing Arts
Dianne Chaulifour - Reiki
Bomdon Ngodup
Wheel of Co-Creation  Relations, Arts, Economics,
 Science, Education, Justice,
 Health, Spirituality, Infrastructure,
 Environment, Media, Governance