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- Embodying and Serving a Transcendent Purpose
- Co-Creating in Heart Resonance with Others
a Free, Peaceful, Healthy, Just, Collaborative, Regenerative World where we All Thrive in Harmony.
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"We are poised at a critical moment in history, 
facing the possibility of either 
the destruction of the world as we know it 
or the co-creation of a future of immeasurable possibilities...

Conscious Evolution makes that positive future possible 
by opening us to the impulse of evolution within us. 
It awakens the ‘memory’ that resides within the synthesis of all human knowledge through which we discover the inherent evolutionary design that guides us toward conscious ethical choice, creative action, 
and infinite compassion." 

- Barbara Marx Hubbard (BMH), Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Welcome ! 

The Maya Elders have been sending us the message of the Planetary Shift for over 5,000 years! On December 22, 2012, we helped birth a New Age for humankind! (For information on this historical, 
celebratory day, go to our Birth 2012 Boston page and the global Birth 2012 site.)

We have now entered a new era where a Universal Humanity is possible.  
We are experiencing the awakening of Spirit within ourselves, enabling growth in consciousness - in which we incarnate the sacred essence of unconditional love, a higher purpose, and an inner impulse to co-create a peaceful, healthy, sustainable, and prosperous global community.

Many of us hear and resonate with this call to evolve ourselves and our world in which we, as embryonic universal humans, connect to higher consciousness, hear our inner guidance, heal our egos, yearn to express the genius and potentials we all have within us, share resources and collaborate with others on community and global projects, and joyfully and lovingly celebrate together from our Hearts. 
We offer Conscious Evolution and Learning Circles, Evolutionary Hubs, a Peace Room, Presentations, Workshops, and other opportunities and resources to bring collaborative community together to help co-create the energies and new possibilities that the new world era is calling forth. 

We are compelled to ask:

What are our deepest heart’s desires?
What is now arising within to be born anew?
What are our gifts, our “compass of joy”, to offer to this new paradigm? 
What does a world informed by our Highest Selves for the highest and greatest good of all look like?
How can we co-create such a world?

If you hear and resonate with this calling, we invite you to join us as we collaborate on ideas and projects to co-create a world of which we have previously only dreamed!

Ways to join us and be involved are summarized below.

In resonance,
Conscious Evolution Boston Hub

"Each pioneering soul who is attracted to co-creation has a role to play in the birthing of the new species and the new world." - (BMH)

Radiant Heart, by Daniel B. Holeman,
Thank you 
to our
Let’s Create a Better World! Powerful - Transformative - Necessary

A World of Peace - Health - Sustainability - Prosperity - Happiness - Love
“In my dream, the angel shrugged and said, if we fail this time, 
it will be a failure of imagination
 and then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.” 
- Brian Andreas

"We are being called to greatness, to use the extraordinary splendor within us. 
To say ‘yes’ to harvesting the fruits of our capacity. 
We are encoded with extraordinary potential to transform ourselves, 
our communities, our world. 
We can build an infrastructure of body and mind, 
shift from the smaller to the larger self, 
connect to a greater mythic story, activate a high level of creativity, 
and live a deeper and larger life. 
Awaken, respond to that deeper yearning, serve the world, 
develop our gifts, renew the planet, and make the world a better place." 
– Jean Houston
The spiritual path that leads to freedom 
is 'the liberation of the heart which is love.' 
- Buddha
“The emerging leader must access profound spiritual insight, be committed to healing, tap into subtle energy, 
appreciate whole systems, 
understand how to optimize collective intelligence
 and model transformational action.” 
- James O’dea, author of Cultivating Peace, 
Becoming a 21st Century Peace Ambassador
Ways to join, be supported by, and co-create with Conscious Evolution Boston:

-  Join our mailing list and/or meet-up group.

-  Participate in presentations, workshops, and Conscious Evolution Circles.  

-  Announce, showcase, and present what is working and emergent in a sector(s) of the Wheel of Co-creation – on the Peace Room and Calendar web site pages, at our weekly dinners, at future events and retreats. Contact us to learn more.

-  Register your gift to the shift, your dreams and visions, on our contact page. 

-  Join an Evolutionary Hub, or start one. See Evolutionary Hub Guidelines.

-  Participate in evolutionary webinars sponsored by The Shift Network.

- Share Your Shift Story of transformation, inspiration and/or contribution! 

- Join the Milagro World Center's Global Community/Emerging Leaders of Conscious Evolution and Calling in the Field of the Miraculous webinar conferences at

- Donate and be a sponsor on our home page.
"We must always go within to our highest wisdom to chart our path in life. Each of us must find our own confirmation of a World Vision that follows not from fear or scarcity, but from some greater part of our memory." -  James Redfield, The Celestine Vision, Living The New Spiritual Awareness

"If our inner work is great, our outer work will be great." 
- Meister Eckhart
“The dream is everything. The way we live is determined by the way we dream."
 - Maria Quischpe, from John Perkins’ book The World Is As You Dream It