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Keepers of the Rhythm

ABOUT “Keepers of the Rhythm”

We are all “keepers of the rhythm”.
Everything that exists in time has a rhythm.
It exists within us, having started with our earliest experience
of the rhythm of the heartbeat and with our first breath.
It exists all around us through the cycles and patterns in nature,
and through a universal life pulse.
We live in an inner-connected web of pulsation and rhythm.
Drumming reconnects us
with the deeper rhythms of which we may not be conscious
and helps facilitate their manifestation.
As we sound the depths with our rhythms and journeys,
the voice of the drum calls forth and gives music to
the beating of our hearts and promptings of our souls,
the heartbeat of blessed Mother Earth,
and the rhythm and pulse of the universe.
It reconnects us to the underlying essence and power of all life.
As a community that drums together and shares rhythm,
we open up channels of communication
and, through entrainment*, a new collective voice emerges
to form a group consciousness, a oneness,
that resonates, heals, and experiences joy.

*Entrainment: A natural phenomenon of two or more energies responding to each other and resonating together.


The Keepers of the Rhythm 
co-hosts and co-creates community circles
through the voice of the drum - the universal heartbeat -
that allows all to share our spirits with one another
and experience the healing power of rhythm;
that inspires and empowers one another
to re-align ourselves with, make manifest, and celebrate
our inner voice, our personal power, our passion, our creativity,
and our connection and oneness with all.


May we drum into all things the love of spirit.
May we drum to celebrate our heart connection.
May we drum to blend one heart with the hearts of many
until all hearts beat as one.
May we drum to re-connect and re-align ourselves
with our inner voice, our personal power,
with healing, with creativity,
with all beings, including blessed Mother Earth,
and with the rhythm of universal life.
May we drum to keep the rhythm.

We ask for the guidance and love of Universal Spirit.


- We host annual New Year's Day drum gatherings open to the public. 

   For details on 1/1/2020, go to

- A member group meets the first Saturday of the month.

For more information, contact Margaret at (617) 244-1966 or